Transition to Parenting:

Moms and Dads-to-be, be prepared for your new baby and take this program!! You start before the baby is born and finish it in the months just after the birth. Learn all the practical skills you will need to care for your baby as well as important safety information and where to go for help when you need it.

Make The Connection Infant Series:

Bring your baby and join other parents to sing songs to your child, introduce them to new people, ideas, and toys, and enjoy the time you have together. There is also time to talk about some of the experiences you’re having, and figure out how to handle each new moment in a way that keeps your baby feeling loved and secure. Take home a picture album to remember all the great moments you have during the 8 weeks, and see how much your child has learned and grown!

Make The Connection Toddler Series:

Bring your toddler to this 8-week series for a morning of songs, play stations, photos, and discussion while meeting with other parents of children ages 1-2. You’ll be able to take home a photo album that captures some of the special moments you’ve created with your toddler. Put yourself in your child’s shoes to really understand what they are thinking and feeling and learn new ways to connect with your little one through LOVE, LANGUAGE, and LEARNING.

Kids Are Worth It:

Would you like some practical tools to cope with children of all ages? Come join our group for a morning of good company, discussion and snacks. Over 4 weeks, you’ll find out what your personal parenting style is, based on Barbara Colorosso’s video Kids Are Worth It. Having a good handle on how you approach your children can be your best tool when parenting through a crisis. Learn how to set limits, give yourself time, and teach your child HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Attachment Counselling:

If you have a child that is over 6 months old, and you want to support him/her to feel as great about themselves as possible, this is your chance to make it happen! Meet with our Attachment Counsellor and your child to look at things that you’re doing really well as a parent, and things that you might want to do differently. Whether you have specific parenting concerns, or just want to give your child the best start in life, helping your child feel loved, comforted, and safe is the simplest and most valuable gift you can give your child.

Baby and Me:

Bring your baby (birth to walking) to our welcoming playgroup. You’ll meet other young parents, have a chance to play with your baby and get your questions answered on the development of your little one. We offer videotaping of your baby each week, which you get to keep!

Toddler Learning Club (TLC):

TLC is a fun and interactive playgroup for parents and their toddlers, up to the age of three. Both you and your child will meet new friends here; where there is lots of active play, books and craft activities. Come and play with your toddler and experience their world by seeing it through their eyes.

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