Life Skills and Personal Growth

Life Skills and Personal Growth

The Smart Series

Learn how to make your apartment or house feel like a real home. Gather great ideas and tips about decorating on a budget and make crafts each week to help brighten your home!

Making your money stretch each month to pay all the bills isn’t easy. Find out ways to budget your money better now, so life is less stressful, and have more money in the future.

How do I find an affordable apartment? Is it better to live alone or share my place with a roommate? What rights and responsibilities do I take on when I sign a lease? This program will help you find your answers to these questions and more!

Personal Development Programs

Join us for an opportunity to explore your inner self in a safe and comfortable environment, with other young women just like you! These programs are a great chance to chat about issues that concern you as a woman, and explore different topics through discussions and hands-on activities. Some of the topics that these programs explore include…

  • Anger: look at the feelings that sometimes hide underneath anger and explore how this powerful, normal emotion can affect your life.
  • Self-esteem: explore ways to boost self-esteem and maintain a positive attitude, so that you can really feel like the strong confident woman you are!
  • Goal-setting: explore your hopes and dreams and how to make them a reality. Break down the tough stuff and learn to make your goals more manageable.
  • Body image: learn to love yourself, just the way you are – inside and out! Explore what body image means to you, how it has changed since becoming pregnant, and how we are affected by the media.
  • Self-care: being a mom (or preparing to be one!) is tough work – you often spend so much time caring for others that there isn’t enough time for you! Explore how you can treat yourself as well as possible in the face of stress.

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